Trina - why I run.

Sport has always been a big part of my life. I played basketball and competed in weightlifting until the age of 17. I now play a range of sports in my spare time including badminton and basketball. I started running a few years ago and started racing in 2017. I completed my first two marathons in 2019 (Brighton and Chelmsford) and hoped to run the Manchester Marathon in October this year, but that has been postponed.

I love running from 5km to marathon. I have to say that the half marathon is my favourite distance. I ran my very first 20 mile race in March, a week before lockdown. It was the Milton Keynes festival of fitness race. I completed the race in 3 hours 28 minutes! I was hoping for at least 3 hours 45! I thoroughly enjoyed it and that was due to be my final long run before the Manchester Marathon.

Part of the running journey is about overcoming setbacks and as runners we face these on a daily basis; it could be a battle to just go through the door for a run, or just not feeling motivated to continue your run because you have had a busy week. Mindset and reflection is very important and being accountable to yourself. Whenever I feel like this (as long as it is not due to an injury or feeling overwhelmed) I try to remember why I started the journey in the first place or HOW I will feel at the end of the run. You never regret a run but you may regret never running in the first place. Every task / run / event, whatever it may be, has a purpose. It is important to think of this even more when the going gets tough.


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