The Great Norse Run by Danny Bent

Running across Iceland was a dream I'd had for many years and in 2019 I got a bunch of mates together and we set off from Akureyri in the North and ran until we hit the Atlantic coastline in the South. The experience was like nothing I'd experienced before - by the end friends had become family and we had enough wild stories to bore the socks anyone unlucky enough to sit next to us at any dinner party.

In 2021 I was in a Land Rover but I was helping another crew of 22 people travel across this wonderful country by foot. They were forming their new family and were making great memories whilst looking ace in their Våga caps!

The Land of Fire and Ice is a top destination for those wanting beautiful pictures to share on social media. But these people only see a small fraction of an Island that is not much smaller than England. At its core is a silver desert that most people don't even know about let alone see. Why would you? The silver sand storms and unpredictable weather make it an uncomfortable trip - and some of the rivers are powerful enough to wash your 4x4 away.

Question now is whether we keep this experience to ourselves or do we give another 20 people the opportunity to join this exclusive club of people who have run across across this beautiful island.

Danny Bent

Photos by Clement Hodgkinson

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