Chasing Change by Jonty Brown

Aye up, I’m Jonty, in lockdown 1 started running. In August 2021, after 18 months of hard work and training, I organized and took on my first challenge.

I ran 190 miles along the Wainwrights coast to coast across the UK, averaging 28 miles a day for 7 days raising over £10,500 for charity.

On the morning of the challenge we all met, support runners, support crew, film crew and even Ellis showed up to very kindly give the crew and I Våga's to get us through the journey.

It was an exhausting but incredibly fulfilling experience, it didn’t just give me an experience of a lifetime but it lit a fire deep within. Since completing the Coast To Coast in August, I’ve done my first official marathon, first official 50km and a couple of Sundays ago I ran 100km raising £1200 for JDRF.

I’ve fallen in love with running and I plan to continue taking on new challenges, raise more awareness and money for charity. I just love the freedom, the challenge, the space and the community. Whether it be a solo run to clear the mind and organize the jumble of day to day life or running with friends. It’s a really special thing, being outside, enjoying the moment, getting more out of the chat with your running partner than a therapy session, plus you leave on a runners high. It connects people from all walks(runs) of life, the little things, like when you run passed another person wearing a VÅGA hat, there’s a nod and a smile, a connection.

Thank you for being so kind and keep up the amazing work!

Jonty Brown